It’s Easy to Get Memorable Music for Your Loved One


Download the free SPARK Memories Radio app to your Apple iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store or on your Android, go to Google Play. Enjoy a 7-day free trail. Get it now.


Launch the App and register for SPARK simply by using your email and a password.


Enter your Loved One’s name and birth date. We’ll use their birth date to create a playlist of songs to SPARK their memories.


That’s it – press PLAY. As the songs play, the memories begin!

SPARK is a streaming music App that plays on Internet-connected smartphones and tablets. You can use an Apple device including iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 8.2 or higher or (COMING SOON) Android devices running version XX.X or higher. SPARK music can be played simply using your device’s built-in speakers!
Yes. Spark Memories Radio can be licensed directly by senior living facilities, home health care providers and hospice providers in order to improve their care of Alzheimer’s patients. For more information on enterprise solutions, email
SPARK is a streaming music service that requires a continuous connection to the Internet during playback.  This can be a WiFi or a cellular (like 4G or LTE) connection. Since SPARK streams (instead of downloads) songs, it does not take up a lot of storage space on your device.  Note that if you are not using WiFi, data use charges may apply from your wireless carrier.
Yes. However, you may only use your SPARK account on one device at the same time. Sign in with your email and password on any device that has the SPARK app installed.
We’ve done the work for you. If your Loved One grew up in the United States between the 1930’s and the 1970’s, SPARK is designed to find the most popular and memorable music from your loved one’s youth (about ages 13-25). These are hit songs that were widely exposed on the radio, TV, movies and throughout popular culture during this exciting and memorable period of music.
If you are the child of a Loved One with Alzheimer’s, you may think you know some of your parent’s favorite music – for example, songs and artists you listened to together as you were growing up and maybe even in recent years. But chances are, your father or mother was exposed to a wide range of music long before you came along – in their teens and early twenties. Whether these songs remained favorites later in life or not, they likely hold a special place in memory and can often trigger vivid, positive memories of days of youth. It is believed this special music-memory connection can reduce agitation and depression and even help bring your loved one moments of lucidity and recognition of their surroundings and those they love.
The goal of SPARK Memories Radio is simple: Provide enjoyable and memorable music that may result in more happiness, less agitation, fond memories and cognitive stimulation for individuals with Alzheimer’s. For caregivers, we hope SPARK may provide times of respite and calm and, by enjoying SPARK together, perhaps new levels of interaction and communication with your loved one. SPARK is not a cure for any disease and may not produce the same benefits for everyone. That’s why we offer a free seven day trial of SPARK. We encourage you to try SPARK in different settings and at different times during your trial period. 
To get the same playlist as SPARK using other music Apps, you would have to have a great deal of knowledge about the music your Loved One was exposed to on radio, TV, movies, and popular culture during their teens and early twenties – the songs that have the greatest potential to “spark” memories. Then, you would have to purchase those songs and/or build and maintain a custom playlist for your Loved One. That’s a lot of work and potentially expensive. SPARK makes it easy for caregivers by providing professionally researched and curated playlists in a simple, easy-to-use platform at a cost no more than a Spotify subscription.  
We recommend trying SPARK Memories Radio first without adding Genres. Later, you can tap on the Settings Menu and choose “Add Genres”. You can select from a range of specialty music genres, like Jazz, to mix into your SPARK playlist. Note that you cannot play only a Genre. Genres are added to your SPARK Memories Radio date-of-birth based playlist. Genre songs may not necessarily be from your Loved One’s music-formative years.  Genre songs are a collection of the most popular songs from the Genre regardless of era.
 Yes. Once your SPARK account is set up the first time on the device, all that’s needed to play music after that is to tap the SPARK App icon on the home screen – no signin is required. So, if your Loved One or their daily caregiver has access to the mobile phone or tablet, great music is just a single tap away.
Your individual SPARK account is intended to be used by one user (Loved One) per account.  Once you enter your Loved One’s date of birth, you can’t change it or add another user without setting up a new account (with a different email ID and password). If you are a caregiver or facility that serves multiple clients, please contact us and inquire about a SPARK enterprise account that allows you to set up multiple Loved Ones/residents under a single account.
The easiest way to listen to SPARK Memories Radio is  over your device’s built-in speakers. Simply set the mobile phone or tablet on a desk or table nearby your Loved One so they can hear the music. If you are inclined, you may want to try the large variety of wired or wireless speakers, docking stations, or headphones on the market today that can be easily connected with your device. Headphones offer private listening while an external speaker can provide a room-filling social experience for you, your Loved One, family and friends.  
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SPARK allows family and friends to make a truly meaningful contribution to their Loved One’s quality of life.