Spectrum Retirement Communities, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a leading developer, owner and operator of Retirement, Assisted Living and Memory Care communities across the United States.

Spectrum has partnered with Spark Memories Radio (SMR) to assist in their mission “to empower seniors to continue along on their paths to personal growth, health and wellness” and are having some great success. Spectrum is using SMR in all of their 30+ communities which are in 13 states mostly in the Midwest.

Below is some of the feedback from care givers in the Spectrum community. Additionally, you can click HERE for a great testimonial on their Facebook Page:

We have had wonderful success with Spark Memories Radio and here are three quick stories. We have been using Spark and decided to try it on a resident who wasn’t showing any interest in participating. The moment we put the earphones on, he got a huge smile on his face and that was it. He had to leave then but when he came back he picked up the headphones and put them on himself. It was a wonderful moment! We now use spark with him as much as possible and he absolutely loves it! Very grateful to Spark for this.

Another story, we were using Spark on a resident and his family came in while he was listening to music. The daughter-in-law came up to me concerned. She asked me if something had happened as her father-in-law had tears in his eyes. I explained the Sparks Music program to her and she was so overjoyed and expressed how grateful she was that he was getting to experience this wonderful technology that had brought back some meaningful moments for her loved one.

Another resident tends to wander around so I wasn’t sure about using Spark with her. But I am so happy I did. She held it and just wandered around singing (she has a wonderful voice) she loved it and it was a joy to watch.

We use Spark quite a lot. It is fantastic and our residents really do enjoy this. It is an activity that creates quite a lot of engagement in our residents. I use it as much as possible as all the residents really enjoy it.