Welcome To SPARK Memories Radio

SPARK Memories Radio is a breakthrough streaming music app designed to stir memories, trigger brain activity and enhance quality of life in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

The powerful effect of music on the brain is widely acknowledged by researchers and caregivers alike. The right songs have been shown to reduce agitation and depression in patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Until now, putting together the perfect playlist of music for a Loved One has been difficult, time-consuming and expensive. With SPARK Memories Radio, a caregiver can create a personalized playlist of memorable, popular music that will ignite memories, reduce agitation and depression, and stimulate mental activity.

SPARK Memories Radio features:
– Instant playlist of hundreds of memorable songs simply by entering a birth date
– Plays on any smart phone or tablet mobile device
– Easy setup for the caregiver
– Simple design with one-touch play for your Loved One
– Include any of our curated genres to compliment your playlist

Renowned Alzheimer’s researcher and musician Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, in collaboration with music and technology experts, created SPARK Memories Radio to provide joy and respite to individuals with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers alike. Dr Tanzi and Chris Mann recently presented “Curing Alzheimer’s with Science and Song at TEDx Natick. Additionally, Dr. Tanzi appeared on CBS, NBC and Fox to discuss the current state of Alzheimer’s research and appears in the PBS documentary “Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts”.

Click here for a PDF brochure or email info@sparkmemoriesradio.com for more information or discuss solutions for your senior living facility, home health or hospice provider. 


We didn’t discover music’s powerful effects to stir memories, trigger brain activity and enhance quality of life – we perfected the way to make it easier, better and more enjoyable. Before SPARK, caregivers guessed which songs might appeal to their Loved One; songs had to be purchased individually through a cumbersome process; the limited choices became repetitive and uninspiring. SPARK simplified the process and improved on the selection.

How Does It Work?

SPARK is an app that plays on any smart phone or tablet – iPad, iPhone or Android. Simply enter your Loved One’s date of birth to start a continuous stream of songs from your Loved One’s formative years when powerful connections were made with people, places and events. Hearing these carefully selected songs sparks the memory of those times creating joy, happiness, and a higher level of functioning. See more about How It Works.

How Can I Get SPARK?

SPARK Memories Radio is an easy-to-use app that plays on any mobile device and is available at the Apple or Android App Store (Google Play). Start with a 7-day free trial to see how your Loved One can experience joy, happiness and a higher level of functioning by hearing “their music”.  Then keep the music playing by subscribing on a monthly basis. SPARK Memories Radio can also be licensed by senior living facilities, home health care and hospice providers.

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SPARKS Mission: Awaken Minds through the Power of Music!


Contact us: info@sparkmemoriesradio.com