Welcome To SPARK Memories Radio

Thank you for being a SPARK Memories Radio subscriber.  Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to suspend operations of SPARK Memories Radio indefinitely.  The app has been discontinued on the Apple App store and Google Play store and your auto-renewing subscription should be automatically cancelled as a result.
However,  If you are a paid SPARK subscriber, please log into your Apple App Store or Google Play store account and confirm your subscription is cancelled going forward.  If your monthly subscription recently renewed and you would like a refund of your last month’s subscription fee, please email us at info@sparkmemoriesradio.com with a copy of your most recent subscription renewal receipt dated October 1, 2019 or later.
SPARK Memories Radio has been a labor of love for us for several years – we believe in the power of music to bring joy to the lives of everyone, especially those with Alzheimer’s and other related diseases.  We appreciate your support and wish you and your loved ones the best.
The SPARK Memories Radio team
November 12, 2019